-designs by Leona-

Current Prices.

***Ask about specials if you want more then one graphic/clothing item/product***

Graphic Prices:

Professional style Custom made Printables:
4x6 $6.00
5x7 $7.00
8x10 $8.00
Anything bigger---ask about price!
I can make poster size images.

Custom Watermarks for images/photos: $2.50

Babygaga Layouts: non animated-$3 animated-$5

KOM/KOB with out pictures: $2.00
KOM/KOB with pictures: $2.50
(KOM: Kind Of Mom.....KOB: Kind Of Baby)

Siggys/signatures: $2.00

Glitter Siggys: $2.50

Picture Animated siggys(up to 15 pictures): $2.75

Glitter animations (without pictures): $1.50

Still Avatars: $2.00

Animated avatars: $2.50

Animated writing siggys: $3.00

Removing the background from pictures: $1.00-2 pictures

Business card design: $6.00

Store Logos/banners: $3.00

T-Shirt Design: $15.00

I do t-shirt designs. Although I DO NOT print or buy the t-shirts. This you will do at your own will.

***Prices are subject to change!***

Order Form

To order from me- email me with this form at guamanian_1987@yahoo.com:
Email you are paying with:
Size printable/Shirt/Onesie you are wanting:
Anything else you would like to add:
Pictures as big as possible:

Payment Form

Payment MUST be made before design is made. I DO NOT make demos/examples. 

Payment can be made via cash or with paypal.